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Chapter 11 Bankruptcy



A chapter 11 bankruptcy is a reorganization, primarily for businesses, but also available to individuals with high debt or significant assets.  In a chapter 11 case, you propose a plan of reorganization that your creditors get to vote to accept or reject.  If most of your creditors agree that your plan of reorganization is a good deal for them, the plan may be confirmed by the court and you can continue to operate your business or your life according to the terms of the plan we've developed together.  

In a chapter 11 bankruptcy you may be able to:

  • restructure secured debt, including cramming down principal to the value of the collateral and adjusting the interest rate

  • catch up on taxes or other payments over time

  • significantly reduce your amount of unsecured debt

  • put a halt to expensive litigation and resolve all creditor disputes in the bankruptcy court

If you think a chapter 11 bankruptcy might help you or your business, you should talk to an attorney. I would be happy to talk with you. 

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